Since remaining open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as an Essential Business our processes for cleaning the rooms, public areas and ensuring our team and our guests are safe have been our utmost priority.

We not only clean the room as we always have meticulously cleaned, however now each room is sanitised also. By cleaning first, then sanitising, we can lower the risk of infection to others.

Actions from our side include:

  • Cleaning teams wear disposable gloves at all times while they clean. 
  • Rooms are ventilated before cleaned. Fresh air is circulated for at least 20 minutes and windows open before, during and after the clean.
  • All team members wash their hands thoroughly on arrival to work, and whenever changing disposable gloves.
  • The rooms are cleaned per our normal high standards and then sanitised. All frequently touched surfaces, light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, and faucet handles are wiped using a disinfectant with a new cloth for each guest room.
  • Pots and pans have been removed from the room - however are available on request basis
  • All linen is either sent out to a commercial laundry or washed in-house. Gloves are worn when handling dirty laundry, and care taken to avoid shaking laundry, which could increase the spread of germs.
  • Rubbish bins have bin liners. Placing bags into trash bins will make it easier to dispose of tissues and other waste.
  • All cleaning cloths are washed internally on the hottest settings possible for the material.

From our Guest side:

  • Self check-in is possible on request; otherwise instructions for keys will be informed to guests on the day of check-in. No physical contact with guests is made 
  • Reception is closed, and hours restricted. Communication however is always possible via mobile phone, sms, and WhatsApp
  • Room service breakfast menu is available daily
  • Luggage porterage is not provided at this time; if you require a downstairs room please let us know
  • All kitchen equipment (cutlery, crockery and glassware) used during stay is removed and cleaned in a dishwasher between each stay
  • Daily room cleaning service is not available at this time
  • Guests are asked to dispose of rubbish in the rooms themselves if staying more than one night
  • Property maintenance is done at time guests are not present if at all possible
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer in located in the reception area and laundry for guests to use when entering these service areas
  • Additional hand soaps, and other guest amenities are available for guests to replenish themselves from the laundry. Sanitising liquid hand soap is all addition in each room
  • Payment for the stay is made via cardless credit card transaction (standard 2.5% credit card fee applies)
  • Additional linen and towels are provided on request
  • Food delivery services and take out offerings information is provided
  • Supermarket shopping service is provided (additional fee)
  • Guests staying on our weekly packages are provided with cleaning products, and linen replaced on a weekly basis. Rooms are to be self cleaned